Willow is a revolutionary step in text insertion utilities. Offering features

from the insertion of simple text templates to complex text processing

and generation. Willow provides you with much more so it will grow

with your experience and expectations.

The current generation of text insertion tools allow you to define fixed text snippets and insert that text whenever and wherever you like. You can do that in Willow too but you’re also covered for the far more common situation where stamping a static text template down just doesn’t cut it.

We’re sure you can think of a few of your own examples already but as you get used to and start using more and more advanced snippet types in Willow a whole new world of possibility opens up for you.

A text template can’t sort and itemise a list for you or translate your selection to another language. A text template can’t look up stock listings from the internet, filter the companies you’re interested in and append the result to a file for you.

Willow offers incredible productivity gains for nearly every Mac user from the novice to the super geek. If you want to find out how Willow can help you please contact us.


Why Willow?

Willow is different - here are a few features you won’t find anywhere else:

  1. Use variables to configure your text snippet or as arguments to scripts.

  2. Use your selection as input to snippets.

  3. Repeat the previous snippet using a new selection.

  4. Chain snippets together - use the output of one snippet as input to another.

  5. Use advanced snippet types such as Python and Script which allow for complex text processing and generation.

  6. Draw on the wealth of freely available Python/Ruby/Perl/Shell scripts on the internet to learn and build your snippets.

  7. Choose between abbreviation (hook) expansion for inline insertions or quickly access the search interface if you don't want to remember a large number of cryptic abbreviations.

  8. Use the interface to view the output of your snippet without inserting or copying it to the clipboard.

  9. Download free snippet bundles from within Willow itself.

  10. Write snippets that work on files in Finder.