MadRuby is an on-the-fly keyboard macro recorder. You simply start recording while using any application, perform a task using the keyboard, stop recording and play it back as many times as you want, anywhere you want.

As a simple example, say you have a folder with 23 images from your nephew Billy’s 1st birthday party that you want to rename. If you don’t own Willow (shame on you) and you’re not a Terminal guru, you might find yourself doing the following for each of the 23 images:

  1. Highlight an image in Finder.

  2. Hit enter to start a rename.

  3. Delete “IMG_”.

  4. Type “Billys 1st Birthday” - bonus points for copying this to the clipboard.

  5. Hit enter again to complete the rename.

  6. Hit the down arrow to select the next image.

  7. Rest your head on the table and sigh.

What you could have done is hit a keyboard shortcut to tell MadRuby to begin recording in the background, rename the first image, stop recording and play it back to rename the remaining images. MadRuby has a handy multi-play feature that allows you to repeat your macro a specified number of times, in the example above you'd instruct it to repeat 22 times (not 23 because you already renamed the first image manually).

MadRuby is not:

  1. a system automation tool.

  2. a text inserter.

  3. an application launcher.

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